Growing Organic Food: Use Organic Vegetable Gardening Methods

Instead of using pesticides which can harm the organic garden soil, using a few natural ways of controlling pests is a much better solution. Did you know that by planting tobacco around your vegetable garden you can keep slugs and aphids out? A garlic spray is also effective against aphids.

Another good method is to put light netting over your vegetables. This will still allow them to have sunlight but it helps to deter flying insects.

There are also insects that are good for your garden. The ladybug is one that eats other harmful insects. So not only are they considered good luck to have around but they can be good luck for your garden. They will feast on slugs and aphids to keep them from destroying the plants in your garden.

Green lacewings are another good insect. They also feast on the bad insects which keeps them from destroying a garden that you have worked hard on. Worms are highly useful in your garden and in composting your soil (in fact, you might want to buy some additional worms and add them to your soil).

There are natural organic garden pest control options for slugs and snails too. Organic slug and snail repellent aerosol sprays can be bought online and at some garden centres. Note that these are repellents. If you are like me, you may prefer to repel unwanted creatures rather than kill them.

Another good way of controlling the insect population is to encourage birds to come to your garden. Put a bird bath close by. Birds eat a lot of insects in a day. With a little research you can learn what insects are harmful to your garden and which ones help to control the harmful ones.

Insects can destroy plants but there are also animals that can eat your vegetables. Deer are attracted to gardens and can destroy a garden overnight. Planting perennial sunflowers as a type of hedge can repel deer and other animals from your organic vegetable garden. They are also great bird attractors so this is beneficial in more than one way.

Cucumbers, lettuces, peppers, runner beans, and squash are natural insect repellents.

Another problem gardeners have is controlling the weeds that try and outgrow everything around them. Certain plants are good for controlling weeds. Potatoes and squash are great at snuffing out weeds. This can certainly help to keep you from having to spend half of your time pulling them.

Crop rotation is both a farming method and a gardening method: use it to effectively grow both on the farm and in your vegetable patch.

Let’s now take a look at Square Foot Gardening – a great method for crop rotation. This is where that ball of twine comes in handy.


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